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We have a crush on velvet

Why velvet?

Woven since the middle ages, velvet has continued to be a popular choice for furniture upholstery throughout the years. Its appeal is mainly due to the balance it offers between being heavy and durable while also having a soft, plush surface and a beautiful sheen. Traditionally made from silk, modern day velvet is often made using cotton or synthetics, including rayon and acetate. Cotton velvet, also known as velveteen, is the strongest and most durable of them all.

Thick pile velvet sofas

Our collection of lusciously soft, thick-pile velvet sofas features a wide range of designs and colours. From modern styles with sleek lines and button back detailing, to traditional timeless classics with soft curves and turned wooden legs. Make a statement with mustard yellow, go regal with royal blue, or soften things up with pastel pinks and muted greys.

Crushed velvet sofas

Crushed velvet is produced by twisting the velvet whilst wet, which produces a sumptuous, shimmering and soft-to-the-touch effect that makes an opulent impression in any room. Our range of crushed velvet sofas includes 3-seater, 4-seater and corner sofa options. With foam filled cushions that bounce back, you can spice up your room with complementary shades of teal, lavender silver and truffle.

Velvet chairs

Relax and unwind by sinking into a deep, buttoned back velvet armchair or cosying
up on a velvet Cuddler Sofa. Choose from our classic Chesterfield designs and
elegant modern styles. Find a hue that suits you, from bold greens,
blues and purples, to subtle pinks, greys and silvers
for neutral rooms with simple décor.

Velvet footstools

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of putting your feet up after a long day. Complete your sofa suite with a luxurious velvet footstool.

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